Bridging the palm oil industry with Industry 4.0

Introducting coGnitive intelligence to the palm oil industry

Make informed decisions with reliable data source.  Upgrade your FFB supplier management with our Automated FFB Grading System to have a complete control over your FFB Supply.

Automated FFB Grading System

Malaysia’s National Key Economic Area (NKEA) in 2010 has already identified the importance of FFB quality in the quest to propel towards high income nation. With limited land available to continue expansion of plantations, the desire is to increase efficiency in production. Research has shown that FFB maturity is strongly correlated to OER output. As such, MPOB introduced a standardised approach towards FFB grading, and mandated the need for certified graders.

In the era of industry 4.0, data is key

Currently, FFB grading only serves to prevent overpaying the suppliers. Much more can be achieved with better input measurement at the mill. However, with the current method of manual grading through sampling, the grading results doesn’t provide the quality of assessment required for meaningful judgement.

The issues with manual grading


Graders' perception is based on their own experience. Their relationship with the suppliers could also impact their grading standards.


On average, >20 mins taken to grade per consignment following the existing SOP.

Prone to Errors

Long working hours and mundane job scopes result in inconsistent assessment quality. Constant disputes between FFB suppliers and millers.

Proper input measurement into the mill should be established to create trust where it is needed.





In 2019, the average FFB price at 1% OER is MYR 21.17. With 19.9 million tonnes of CPO produced in a year, every 0.1% of OER counts! Optimization of the FFB supply chain is key in improving the OER performance. This will require collaborations across all stakeholders involved to strive towards quality excellence.

In the case of FFB supply, maximizing the output from mature palm tree entails that proper plantation management and quality harvesting takes place.  Quality harvesting requires strict control of incentives, which can only happen with immediate feedback from the mills to ensure immediate corrective actions take place. 

With the volume involved in the supply chain, only machines can effectively execute the process. Hence, we’ve developed an Automated FFB Grading System to kick off the journey towards operational excellence.

Who are we

We are a dedicated team of professionals who strive to maximise the potential of Palm Oil! Our team compromises of domain expertise in the palm oil industry and technical expertise specialising in computer vision, artificial intelligence and mechanical engineering.