How it works

Seamless operations, effective processes.

We offer end-to-end solution including integration into your existing ERP systems. We design solutions that provides maximum value with minimum operational disruptions to make use of our FFB grading modules. The basis of our solutions follows the follow principle flow:

  • Capture

    The first step involves capturing of images at the location of interest.

  • Detect

    Our system will then scan through the captured images to detect the Fresh Fruit Bunches.

  • Process

    Each of the detected FFBs will be processed individually, following MPOB grading guidelines to be categorised into their ripeness categories, as well as detection of other grading featues.

  • Report

    All the grading results are compiled into a report. The reports can be accessed through our web applications. The penalty is calculated automatically following the availability of the grading results.

The principle flow can be adapted into various scenarios following the needs of the mill. A fully automated grading solution can be seen below without any need of human interventions. 

All our solutions are developed in-house, enabling full flexibility in the design to best suit your operational needs.