How it works

It really is FULLY Automated!


Binsho tracks the movement of the incoming lorries until they exit after unloading to identify the location of the newly unloaded FFB consigments.


Upon trigger by the detection phase,  Binsho’s camera zooms in onto the new FFB consignment and captures the images of the newly unloaded FFBs.


Part 1: Identifying individual FFBs

Binsho’s program will scan through the image captured and identify the individual FFBs on the surface layer. Each of the FFBs are then given an I.D. of its own for further process.

Part 2: Assessing the individual FFBs

Binsho’s algorithm will analyse each of the FFBs, spotting various features of the FFBs and provide a corresponding grade in the end and feed the record back into a database.



Grading summary report for each consignment will be generated upon the exit of all lorries. A visual grading result will also be supplied to aid in identifying FFBs to be rejected.

Weekly and monthly performance reports can also be generated upon request.