Automated FFB Grading System

Our fully automated FFB Grading System ensures that proper mill input measurement is established. Trained with the guidance of MPOB’s Grading Manual and experienced graders, our solution will return unbiased, consistent and accurate FFB grading results in matter of minutes, supporting the continuous improvement efforts of your mill towards OER increments and quality assurance.

Plug & Play

Standard solution ready to be deployed. 1 week of commissioning and it is good to go!

Conventional mill design

Can be installed at all types of Palm Oil Mills without the need for retrofitting.

High Volume

Designed to process large volume of information at one go, fulfilling the needs for the palm oil mill to achieve the large quantity coverage.

Continuous operations

Operates non-stop during day time regardless of hours and public holidays.

Benefits of using Binsho's Automated FFB Grading System

Reinforce the purpose of FFB grading in the palm oil supply chain. Effectively and collaboratively increase profit for the oil palm industry through efficient management, bringing the industry towards a whole new level of excellence.

Eliminate the possibility of tempering the grading results
  • All our grading results are backed up in a secure server. The records are easily accessible for future references in case of disputes. This allows transparency for all FFB consignments.

  • While manual grading process relies on human judgement, which may differ from grader to grader, our grading system will provide consistent grading results without the elements of human bias.
Reduce the risk of grading errors
  • Our solution detects and assess the surface layer of FFBs. The more spread out the FFBs, the higher coverage of the FFB consignment our system can capture, up to >90% of the consignment. Increase coverage of grading means reduce impact of ‘non-assessed’ supply towards the whole consignment.

  • Manual grading is a very mundane process that is prone to human errors, our system performs reliably and consistently without mood swings and distractions.
Motivating towards Quality and Quantity improvements
  • Our solution complements your FFB supplier management by offering immediate feedback loop to the FFB sellers to prompt immediate corrections.

  • With no more limitations to office hours grading, sellers can send their crops in whenever it is available, avoiding delay in FFBs delivery, maximizing the value of the FFBs.
Improve mill performance
  • Improved and more consistent quality of FFBs helps optimize the mill process parameters, securing higher OER and lower FFA content.

  • Credible measurement of what goes into the mill sets a reliable baseline performance for the mill. This will assist in pin pointing the loss areas more precisely and identify key action areas for loss reduction.